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Bodies in Balance Massage ~ Shockwave ~ Reiki

Balance in all 4 of your Bodies

Fly Tie Fishing

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76 Simile Road S, Lethbridge, AB  403-382-9278   

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Curbside Pickup for Gemstones or FlyTie Boxes  links to orders are above photos or the website URL


Please arrive 5 min early {no earlier to avoid other clients checking out} to sign COVID-19 waiver & screening check in.

Please don't be late {it's the polite thing to do}

All clients must arrive with face mask on prior to entering.  If you do not have one a 'washable-reusable cotton will be given for you to use while you are here'

I will greet you at the door wearing a mask & a shield.

COVID-19 Waiver 'Must be signed every time prior to treatments/sessions.

Sanitizer will be given to you before entering/leaving.

CANCELLATIONS & MISSED APPOINTMENTS  Must text me for cancellations not email {it's the polite thing to do}
 {please cancel at last minute if you are not feeling well.....even if your at the door already}