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Bodies in Balance Energy Healing ~ Shockwave ~ Reiki

Massage, Reiki, Universal Luv & Light Healing, Shockwave Therapy

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Insurance Claims put thru for you: click link to my page for list of companies.
Shockwave is scientifically proven to increase your range of motion by up to 50% for most :}


SUPER TIGHT MUSCLES? Usually from overuse of muscles ( workouts with weights ) or lack of stretching ( gets blood supply into the muscles )

The Myofascial Wand on the Shockwave is excellent in helping you get the muscles relaxed, this will be used in place of all Deep Tissue Massages. 

Link to more info on the Shockwave benefits. 


Just a heads up... My hands are carpal tunnel inflamed... So I am unable to go as deep as I once have. 

What I do

 Reikissage ~ Shockwave Massage ~ it's shocking how deep into the tissues it gets

} seriously more effective then hands-on {

I have retired from hands-on massage therapy as after 19yrs my carpal tunnel is too extremely painful. Energy work and Shockwave Therapy is all I am offering at for time. T bank you for understanding. 

Shockwave Therapy ~ 2 Different wands ~ learn more here for contraindications

here for info on what Shockwave is  ...  future YouTube Videos will be added when available.

I provide advanced therapeutic {thru Shockwave System} and Energy Work {Reiki} in a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment.