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Releasing Ancestral / Family Karma

 Releasing Ancestral / Family Karma / Cyber Seance {lol}

“Karma”   It is a Sanskrit word which simply means “action”.   aka Law of Karma - also known as the Law of Cause and Effect = for every action there is an opposite and equal re-action.

Remote {long distance healing}

Personal Karma – created through the passage of time and our many re-births, affects and influences one’s life and path.  

Ancestral /Family Karma, impact on our existence and living and is the most influential one.

Imprints on one’s sanskaras (meaning: a purificatory ceremony or rite marking a major event in one's life), our belief systems, and learning lifestyle from the family shows up  within our mental, emotional and physical bodies; so truly within one’s DNA.

Family / Ancestral Karma, affects our very existence, daily living and 'balanced' well-being.

Through our own belief systems; from how we are raised, we live effectively through our spiritual, mental , emotional and physical body. We have the power within us to not only change this but to change our own DNA.

Our energetic bodies & physical DNA is passed on down from our blood Ancestors. Our thinking, acting/re-acting, limited beliefs, habits & repetitive scenarios do not always serve ones' personal greatest and highest good.  These end up being our 'lessons' to be learned in this lifetime.  We choose whether to accept these challenge's or not.  Our choice.  No one else's. It is not a crime or punishment to not grow 'spiritually' in any lifetime.  You will just need to learn the same lesson/s in your next lifetime.  Make a choice.  See it through.  Your life cannot possibly be the same after you do.  That is Karma.     We choose who we are, what we think, we choose our own beliefs.  It is your choice.  No one else's.  


By clearing these aspects from our own etheric DNA {E = mc2} we raise our own vibrational frequency and that of our future/present family lineage.

Need answers?

  Releasing Ancestral / Family Karma

During an Ancestral Karmic Release session one can find what has been carried forward towards his/her energetic bodies and physical DNA from their ancestors – many generations back. These can be limiting beliefs, habits, repetitive scenarios, ways of thinking and acting which do not serve the person’s greatest and highest good in this present time, or  birth / traumatic experiences with unfavourable consequences to one’s life.  These aspects often are carried forward to future generations as well and can manifest in similar experiences, & or limitations to progress forward without struggle and even ill health. Clearing these aspects from one’s etheric DNA does not only bring benefit to the person receiving the session but it also affects positively throughout the whole family line – our ancestors, children and future generations.

Have you felt lost and needing answers to crucial aspects of your life?

*Can you put your finger on what’s holding back your progress, your life mission, which past birth is affecting your present and what family karma needs resolution?
*Do you know who you are and what your full potential is?
*Do you want to claim back your divine power which is your birth right?
*Are you self-empowered or dis-empowered to releasing blockages to your health, happiness and abundance on all levels of your being?
*Can you maintain control over your life/emotions/ & reactions;  manifest a thought and move into action by creating and maintaining peace, balance and harmony within your life?

There are 2 true emotions, Fear & Love:  What spectrum do you resonate with?

*Do you?  Go with the Flow & welcome something new?  or are you Resistant to change of any kind?.....We can become 'familiar' with what is the norm in our lives.

*Do you? Trust your instincts? or fill your mind with Doubt and Worry?  What if?.....Exactly

*Do you?  Want to be Successful in all & everything you attempt?  or do you Fear being Successful?  One may feel the 'responsibility' of success to be overwhelming. 

*Do you? Want to be loved by everyone? or Fear the Rejection?  It is only human to desire everyone we meet to see us as we truly are and love us.

*Do you? Make decisions based on trusting that decision as being the right one for you right now at this very moment? or do you question yourself constantly and choose to be Indecisive so as not to make a mistake?   In 1879, Thomas Alva Edison was the 1st to invent a practical commercially incandescent light bulb more effectively than many others that had attempted it during that time frame of history.  He failed more than 100 times.  Or did he?  Perhaps he succeeded more than a 100 times in the knowledge of what 'did not work' as compared to what 'worked better'.  This would be a matter of one's own perspective. 

*Do you?  Move forward with the attitude of "It needs to be done, so just do it?" or do you feel Feel Stuck in a pattern that you think it is someone else's job?   It may very well be someone else's job, but if YOU are stuck, it is your responsibility.

*Do you? live in Clutter and one big Financial Mess?   Clean it up, it is YOUR responsibility.

*Do you? Enjoy a harmonious family dynamic? or do you feel there is discord / disharmony with the family, aka Family blocks?  When you change your action/reaction within, you change the world around you.

*Do you?  Be responsible for yourself? or Blame, Shame or Guilt others into believing 'they did this to you':  You may very well have been attacked, injured, judged, or crucified by one or many.  This is NOT okay.  No one is expecting you to condone someone else actions.  We only have the power within to allow it to 'continue to control' our lives, or be Self-Empowered & in Alignment with our True Higher Self.

*Do you? Do you speak to yourself or a child with love & kindness & guidance? or do you Self Sabotage?   Hmmm?  enough said.  If you don't speak to a child in a put down manner, imagine how 'your inner child' feels when you talk to yourself that way.

*Do you? Show Up for yourself? or do you feel a Lack of Self Worth?  Consider this for a moment, God does not make mistakes.  You became 'worthy' just by being born into this world.  If someone has ever told you otherwise, they have not met God, and therefore are unable to tell you who you are.

*Do you? Feel Blessed & Fulfilled with Gratitude for what you have? or do you Fear the of Scarcity of food, wealth, family, or love?  You choose what you feel.

*Do you? Believe that money is easily acquired?  or do you have Financial Illusions or Untrue Perceptions about Money? Have a CAN DO attitude about Life, one can be raised within a lifestyle of 'there is never enough'.  This attitude can come from the homeless or a millionaire.  You choose what you believe in.

The Physical Body

Change by healthy eating; exercising, nutritional changes, be informed of the latest health/spiritual news, alter your energy patterns with meditation & being present.  If you are not present, then you are living in the past or the future.  Be mindful, and be present.

The Emotional Body

Your self-esteem is your most valuable aspect.  It will lead you to your life-purpose, life-partners / relationships.
There are many courses/sessions out there to help you.  Find one that works for you.  Trust yourself. It is then that we are able to trust others, by trusting our own "re-actions".

We are not bound by beliefs of the past. We are a new generation of "Empowerment".

The Mental Body

Seek help when you "feel stuck". Trust your instincts on who will help you get there.  If you come out of a session thinking: "well, that didn't help me at all" then take a moment within and ask yourself:  "what was my lesson in attracting this person, thing, or event right now?"

The Spiritual Body

"I AM" is no longer the preface of what you are doing, such as "I am going to the store,"  I AM has become the identification of the new SELF that you are becoming."

The Earth axis underwent a significant shift in (2004, 2006, 2011, 2013) through Tsunamis and earthquakes.

This shift has created an increase in everyone's vibrational frequency.  We are all moving from a 3d being to a 4th (unless your already 5th or higher) dimensional reality.  This shift can create chaos, or it can create peace.  You choose.  Do you want to be in  the "Eye of the Storm" or part of the chaos it creates.

There are only 2 ways to BE:        

in   FEAR      


in   LOVE        

you choose