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We ALL have them

We all have unwanted and unloved parts of ourselves that exist deep within our unconscious of an integrated person.  These are little demons which were first rejected by the parent and then by you (the child) who rejected a part of yourself to regain the loss of love and relationship with the parent.  It is in particular these “others” (of our selves) within the unconsciousness which must be remembered, recollected and reunited with each other and the unconscious self.

This is what psycho-spiritual integration is all about.  As a parapsychologist, I can help you with this integration, of the Mind, Body, and Soul; to a true sense of your inner self.  Through Touch for Health, Chakra Therapy, Hands on Healing, and verbal counseling, I can help you clear your negative energies, and release your old negative habits to bring about a true balance of energies in the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical being.

Most people today are still unaware that at the root of every human problem is an energy problem.  They are unaware that to solve problems and achieve life goals, they must change the quantity and quality of energy flowing through their subtle energy system, and they must change their relationship to the energy field which surrounds and permeates them.

It is because of problems and disruptions in the subtle energy system and personal energy field that most people fail in their efforts to improve and develop themselves.

Chakra Therapy by Keith Sherwood said.
“My crisis was not unique and it does not make me any different from anyone else.  We all face these crises in one degree or another.  It is merely a person’s relationship to the crisis’ and to its resolution which determines the direction a person takes, whether they will actively seek psycho-spiritual integration or whether they will except life and themselves as fragmented.

The difference between my life and so many others is that I actively and consciously sought to understand what was blocking me and to remove the blockages so that I could experience life in its fullness.  I emerged from my adolescent crises with one goal which became my passion: to be completely myself, to radiate freely without fear, no matter what the circumstances.  From that time, experiencing me and being myself became my life’s work.”

For me: the road back began in earnest when I stopped blaming everyone else for my miserable condition and started to take responsibility for my own state of being.

Wholeness, which is the goal of psycho-spiritual integration, cannot be achieved when fear stands in the way and blocks it.  Fear is self-limiting; fear makes a person feel feeble, small and ultimately insecure. It causes a person to ‘contract’ on every level; it disrupts the energy system and the relationship he/she has to themselves and to everyone else.

Once a person breaks the habit of attachment and begins the process of psycho-spiritual integration by allowing the unconscious parts to emerge, they break the vicious hold that this fear has over them.

A person who has achieved detachment cannot be coerced by fear into accepting the authority of consciousness, because the individual has inner resources which nourish him.  The consciousness has nothing of value to offer someone whose needs are already met in other ways, who has seen that at the root of his being he is complete, and whole; who continually experiences unconditional love flowing into him from the universal field.