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Bodies in Balance Energy Healing ~ Touch 4 Health 14 Muscle Balance

Shockwave Myofascial Massage Treatment has 2 available times at 1pm & 2:30pm


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Link to  Shockwave benefits offering in 2024

What I do

Bodies in Balance Energy Balancing

~Reiki {Energy Work} 

~Touch 4 Health 14 Muscle Balance in Lethbridge


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Welcome! Bodies in Balance ~ Shockwave Massage ~ Reiki and so much more...a small collection of rough, polished, sculpture & jewelry Gemstones ~  is a Energy Balancing & Shockwave Treatment therapy home based location in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. 

Please book your appointment here with me { Linda Powell, RMT }today. Online Submissions for most Insurance Claims.

What I Do

 Therapeutic ...  Shockwave Massage ~ it's shocking how deep into the tissues it gets } seriously more effective then hands-on {

I have retired from hands-on massage therapy as after 19yrs my carpal tunnel is too extremely painful. Energy work and Shockwave Therapy is all I am offering at for time. T bank you for understanding. 

Shockwave Therapy ~ 2 Different wands {Myofascial Release & Scar Tissue Breakdown} ~ learn more here for contraindications

here for info on what Shockwave is  ...  future YouTube Videos will be added when available.

I provide advanced therapeutic {thru Shockwave System}and Energy Work {Reiki} in a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment. 

I am friendly and knowledgeable and care about all aspects of your treatment. By customizing each treatment to meet your specific needs & incorporating a variety of assessment and treatment techniques that are best suited to you as an individual.

My practice is dedicated to improving the overall wellbeing ~ Bodies in Balance { of all 4} my clients.

Reiki and Touch for Health Balancing Benefits can help:

  • Create an inner Peace and Balance Within therefore Affecting Your Life & Health by Changing Your Environment
  • Reducing stress by Changing Your Thoughts & Emotions & Controlling Your Re-Actions; Creating a Learned & Different Outcome {letting the Past become the Present} 
  • Reduce Physical Pain by Relaxing your Muscles 
  • Improving your Circulation by Moving Your Blood Flow {physical exercises can create this DIY} & therefore; improving your mobility ROM {Range of Motion} 

Offering RMT Reiki {most Insurance companies hare now alowing Reiki Treatments to go thru like a massage treatment. ~ Shockwave for Faster & More Effect Healing & Energy Balancing Connecting Your Body Mind Soul

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Gemstones Small Collection Available

Sculptures Jewelry & Rough Cut or Smooth Smaller Stones